Some Hospitals in Ontario Now Require Proof of Vaccination for Visitors

    In response to Ontario’s vaccine certificate program implemented on September 22, some hospitals will now require proof of vaccination from individuals looking to visit patients inside their medical premises starting this month.

    Toronto’s University Hospital Network (UHN) was the first to implement a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination rule for its employees and staff. Beginning on October 22, visitors will be asked to present proof of vaccination and will have to undergo a quick screening check before being admitted inside. They are also going to be required to wear a mask at all times.

    As for individuals who have been granted a valid medical exemption from receiving the COVID-19 shots, UHN will require them to present a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test given within the last 48 hours.

    Moreover, Trillium Health Partners (THP) announced that they would also implement similar COVID-19 protocols to be admitted inside their premises. The only significant difference between the protocols of THP from those of UHN’s is that the former will not accept negative PCR tests from unvaccinated persons. They should present the document confirming that they are indeed exempted from being administered with the COVID-19 shots to be allowed admittance.

    The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) network of hospitals has also made a similar announcement. The requiring of proof of vaccination from visitors will begin on November 1, with a photo ID for verification. “Our primary responsibility to those needing our hospitals for care and to our team is to provide as safe an environment as possible,” HPHA CEO and president Andrew Williams emphasized. “Requiring full vaccination against COVID-19 is one of the best ways of achieving this.”

    Notably, it is crucial to remember that the vaccine mandates set by the provincial government of Ontario will not apply to individuals requiring immediate and emergency medical care.

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