Pfizer Trial Data on COVID-19 Vaccine Use in Children Already Submitted to Health Canada.

    Pfizer recently submitted its initial trial data regarding the use of its COVID-19 vaccine on children between 5 to 11 years old to Health Canada for review. The federal health agency received the said trial data on October 1 and described it as “earlier than expected.”

    The said submission of trial data is in line with Health Canada’s requirement of reviewing relevant information about a vaccine before a company is granted authorization to manufacture and distribute it. Pfizer stressed that it closely follows the federal regulator’s guidelines and policies to ensure the safety and efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine, primarily when it is aimed at the young age group.

    A spokesperson for Pfizer related that the American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation continues to “work with Health Canada” as it prepares to file its submission for potential vaccine authorization. “We are aiming to file this submission by mid-October,” the spokesperson added.

    In the fourth week of September, Pfizer and its partner, BioNTech, announced that their COVID-19 vaccine is safe to use among children aged five to 11. They also disclosed that the results of their clinical trials showed a “strong immune response” in the participants belonging to the covered age group.

    Albert Bourla, Pfizer chairman and CEO, emphasized a need to vaccinate young children against COVID-19, significantly when the number of test-positive cases in their age group has risen in the last few weeks.

    Health Minister Patty Hajdu stated on October 1 that the review of Pfizer’s initial trial data would be conducted in the following days.

    It is still unclear as to why Pfizer is working so hard to get a green light on vaccinating young kids with an experimental drug, while the data clearly shows that the virus poses no danger to children. It seems that pharmaceutical corporations are trying to extract as much profit as possible from their vaccines, even if it means injecting our own kids with the substance that caused tens of thousands of adverse reactions and even deaths.

    Just a few days prior, shocking footage of high-ranking Pfizer scientists appeared online as a part of an undercover investigation by A total of three Pfizer scientists were filmed admitting the fact that natural immunity is far more effective if compared to an obtained immunity from mRNA vaccine.

    Shockingly, one of the scientists admits that Pfizer submitted 3000 samples for testing just a few weeks ago in order to see if their product causes heart attacks that are so commonly reported after the vaccinations. This is a shocking revelation as the mainstream media, politicians, and doctors all preach that vaccines are “Safe and Effective”, while Pfizer itself is still not so sure.

    Do we really want to inject our children with the experimental “vaccine” that has not been tested long term and even the company that produces them isn’t sure if it’s safe? Behind closed doors, Pfizer is still investigating the side effects of their product, while pushing the governments to mandate the shots to everyone?

    Two young vaccinated athletes died in Ontario within two weeks from a “medical emergency”, and all the corporations care about is their bottom line.

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