Ontario Medical Experts Report 1 in 10 COVID-19 Patients Will Experience Longer Bouts of Its Symptoms.

    On Tuesday, the Ontario Science Table divulged that 1 in 10 individuals infected with COVID-19 would experience its symptoms longer than other patients. These symptoms include loss of taste or smell, fever, tiredness, and red or irritated eyes. As for the more severe signs of the virus, the symptoms involved are difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, confusion, chest pain, and loss of speech or mobility.

    Using their latest COVID-19 pandemic modeling, the Ontario Science Table estimated that as many as 57,000 to 78,000 residents of the province are going through these extended symptoms. The health advisory group referred to these individuals as “long-haulers” due to the drawn-out manifestation of symptoms. These people are also at risk of developing chronic conditions after being infected with COVID-19.

    The Ontario Science Table emphasized that while most long-haulers belong to the senior age group, younger individuals may also be affected by these extended symptoms. It also added that it is even possible that a person may become a long-hauler after a mild COVID-19 infection.

    What’s even more remarkable is that there are also signs that these long-haulers are increasing across the province.

    The COVID-19 advisory group announced that Ontario health officials should consider the increasing number of long-haulers when making future policies regarding the pandemic. Apart from the risk of experiencing chronic health issues, the Ontario Science Table also stressed that these individuals could also go through drastic life changes that could affect their day-to-day routines and occupations.

    The Ontario Science Table concluded that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is still the best option for preventing infection and possibly being a long-hauler.

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