No COVID-19 Jabs, No Deployment for Hundreds of Navy SEALS.

    Sources reveal that hundreds of elite Navy SEALs are at risk of being sidelined for not having their COVID-19 vaccine shots. This information was disclosed by the pastor and lawyer giving the said group consultation and guidance on the matter.

    According to the details provided by sources, the Pentagon threatens to block the Navy SEALs from deployment with their respective special operator teams after they failed to get vaccinated against COVID-19 due to having sought a religious exemption.

    Moreover, it is speculated that the total number of elite Navy SEALs affected amounts to as many as more than half of those in active service. The Pentagon set a deadline this week for the SEALs to get their mandatory COVID-19 shots.

    JAG lawyer lieutenant colonel R. Davis Younts, who represents several Navy SEALs at risk of being put out of commission due to the vaccine mandate, related that his clients were made to choose between serving their country or seeking a religious accommodation. He added that his clients, including other military members, need at least a 90-day extension to the deadline they have been given.

    Prominent Arizona evangelical pastor Jeff Durbin shared that “there are hundreds of Navy SEALs who have not been vaccinated, do not want to take the vaccine, or who have had and recovered from COVID and have the benefit of natural immunity.”

    Durbin also emphasized that with their vital roles in military operations, the United States could experience a significant negative impact concerning overall military readiness if these Navy SEALs would be sidelined just because of “their commitments to Christ, the Gospel, God’s Law, and the Constitution.”

    “Our country should be very concerned about what this would do to military readiness,” Durbin added. “Losing hundreds of Navy SEALs because of their legitimate and sincerely held Christian beliefs could be devastating to us as a nation.”

    Lawyer Tim Parlatore, who represented and obtained the acquittal of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher in an ISIS-related case, said that the Navy SEALs involved are all shooters, and not even one is in senior leadership. “You are going to have the complete decimation of the SEAL teams,” he pointed out.

    Parlatore also emphasized that the Navy SEALs affected by mandatory vaccine shots are not anti-vaccine. They need “more safety data” to be available to help them “make their judgment.” Notably, some of them are not getting the vaccine since they have already recovered from COVID-19.

    And with reports of rare but serious adverse effects, such as sudden cardiac disease for younger adults, the petition of these hundreds of elite Navy SEALs should be considered by higher-ups in the Pentagon.

    In conclusion, the sidelining of these Navy SEALs does not just mean hundreds of dedicated men and women losing their jobs. It warns of an impending security calamity as well.

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