Members of Ontario First Nations Given Expired COVID-19 Vaccines

    On Friday, the Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) officials disclosed that several Saugeen First Nation members in Southampton, Ontario, were administered expired COVID-19 vaccines.

    Dr. Tom Wong, the spokesperson for the ISC, revealed during September 24’s technical briefing that as many as 71 individuals were given already expired COVID-19 vaccines earlier this month. He added that all of the persons concerned were already contacted and informed about the situation. The said individuals were also advised to create a reimmunization plan to make up for the expired jabs.

    “The situation is ongoing,” Wong pointed out. He also stressed that they are working with partners to map out reimmunization plans. However, a quick investigation of the box containing the vaccine vials revealed that they expired on August 9.

    Notably, ISC officials did not provide additional details about the matter. It was also observed that Dr. Wong and his colleagues did not answer any questions from journalists during last Friday’s technical briefing.

    Regarding this vaccine issue, the Saugeen First Nation tribe issued a letter to its members maintaining that they were not responsible in any way for the mishandling of the said vaccines.

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