LSU Lifts Its COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination and Testing Requirement for Admittance in Tiger Stadium.

    Louisiana State University (LSU) recently announced that it revokes its previous protocol requiring a COVID-19 proof of vaccination and negative testing for football fans looking to get in on the action when the Tigers are playing on their home turf.

    The announcement was made on social media through the team’s LSU Football account. It was highlighted that the reason for doing away with the health measures set in place back in August is the significant and consistent “decline in COVID-19 test-positive cases across the state of Louisiana and in the Baton Rouge area.”

    The team’s tweet also came with a message from Dr. Catherine O’Neal, the medical director at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. She related that the entire state of Louisiana did not just have “less than 5% positivity rate,” but also dramatic drops in test-positive cases “over the last couple of weeks.”

    Ever since the pandemic began, data gleaned by Johns Hopkins University reveals that over 746,000 COVID-19 test-positive cases were documented across the state of Louisiana and in the Baton Rouge area. The said data also reported more than 14,000 fatalities.

    While Dr. O’Neal shared that the plunge in people infected with COVID-19 in Louisiana and Baton Rouge is undoubtedly a “win,” she encouraged everyone to get their vaccine shots still and continue wearing masks to keep the numbers of infected persons down.

    However, many of the fans of the LSU Tigers disclosed they did not even notice the protocols. A few related that they were still allowed inside the stadium without presenting proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result.

    Remarkably, some football pundits believe that the announcement lifting the COVID-19 protocols may have been brought about by the LSU Tigers’ second season loss. The double losses could mean that they won’t be able to participate in the playoffs, resulting in low ticket sales.

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