Jeremy Chardy Says His 2021 Season is “Over” After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine Jabs.

    French tennis professional Jeremy Chardy recently announced that he regrets getting his COVID-19 shot due to the “series of problems” that it got him into, particularly his performance on the court. He also shared that his 2021 season is pretty much over because of these unforeseen problems.

    The world’s former 25th seed said that he immediately regretted having himself vaccinated when he noticed some adverse side effects that surfaced after getting the shot. These negative effects prevented the 34-year old from training properly and affected his overall game.

    Chardy revealed that he got his COVID-19 vaccine shot between the Olympics and the US Open. However, he knew that something was off right after he received his first dose. “Since I got my vaccine, I have a series of problems,” the French pro stressed. “I can’t train, I can’t play,” he added.

    Moreover, Chardy is even entertaining the notion that the next season might be his last as a professional tennis player. He also decided to rest for an indefinite period to recuperate. “I prefer to take more time to heal myself,” the 24-year old tennis pro pointed out.

    Since his vaccination, Chardy’s ranking plummeted to the world’s 73rd spot. “I don’t know when I’ll start again,” he said when asked what his plans are as a professional tennis player. “So now I regret having taken the vaccine, but I couldn’t have known.”

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