Is Australia Using the COVID-19 Pandemic as an Excuse to Establish an Authoritarian State?

    Things are happening in Australia these days that seem to be silenced even by prominent media outlets. Apart from enforcing many Orwellian-style measures during this pandemic, the government of the Land Down Under is putting into place a security apparatus that violates even the most fundamental citizens’ rights.

    Considered one of the more developed countries globally, Australia has been constantly deemed a shining example of what liberal democracy is. According to a 2015 study by the United Nations, it even surpasses Denmark and Switzerland concerning its citizens’ quality of life.

    But when COVID-19 got into the picture, things got different. A lot different.

    Notwithstanding recording only around 1,000 COVID-19 fatalities, Australia has initiated measures against the virus that appear to be drastic. Some even describe them as despotic. These measures include shockingly long and severe lockdowns and imposing a system of geolocation tracking and facial recognition to enforce mandatory 14-day quarantines for travelers, whether domestic or international.

    Moreover, the Australian government headed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison will also set up a vaccine passport system, which will be required so citizens can access public establishments and events. This means individuals unwilling to get their COVID-19 jabs will eventually become second-class citizens in their State.

    Morrison, who calls himself the leader of the “Liberal Party of Australia,” is preventing Aussies stranded abroad from returning to the country so they can visit family and friends. He has also ordered the country’s security forces to counter peaceful protests against the lockdowns with brute force—case in point the incident that took place on September 18 where 270 people were arrested.

    Speaking of a vaccine passport system, it is already up and running in Canada. Is this a sign of more dreadful things to come?

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