Hockey Superfans Willing to Fork Over Big Money to Grab Used Montreal Canadiens Gear

    When it comes to showing support to their beloved Habs, Montreal Canadiens fans don’t seem to hesitate to throw some big bucks around to get their hands on some premium gear from their hockey idols.

    And when you say “premium gear,” it’s not about standard hockey merchandise that a person can buy from the store. Instead, we’re talking about one-of-a-kind memorabilia pieces that can easily fetch upwards of $1,500 per item in an auction organized by Tricolore Sports.

    While the said auction will end on November 14, avid hockey fans are fast tallying up some lofty bids for some items. Just like goaltender Carey Price’s used pads that have currently racked a whopping bid price of $1,600 as of today.

    The auction also features a stunning array of other top-of-the-line Montreal Canadiens gear that will surely amaze Habs superfans looking to take their passion for the team and the sport to a whole new level.

    Fortunately, not all items in the auction have a starting bid of 4 digits though. There’s also a used hockey stick Shea Weber used in a game with a current bid of $ 275.00, Xavier Ouellet’s used Bauer helmet at $ 140.00, and a pair of used gloves from John Merrill with a current bid of $150.

    There are lots of other stuff to check out in the auction, too. So if you’re a true red, white, and blue fan of the Montreal Canadiens—and you’ve got some extra cash to spare—check out the Tricolore Sports auction now to get in on the action.

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