Discovery of Sanitizer Residue in Brand of Milk Leads to Recall by Health Canada.

    Health Canada recently ordered the recall for Dairyland’s 1% Partly Skimmed Milk after sanitizer residue has been found in some of its products. The presence of sanitizer residue was determined after an investigation conducted by the Canada Food Inspection Agency.

    Manufactured by the Montreal-based Canadian dairy company Saputo, Health Canada informed that the affected products are contained in 4-liter jugs and have a best-before date of September 21 printed on them. The recall did not disclose how the sanitizer residue was discovered in the affected products, though.

    Saputo, a top cream processor and manufacturer of milk and cheese in Canada, markets the Dairyland 1% Partly Skimmed Milk in major shopping chains and stores in the country. It was revealed that most of the affected products might have been distributed in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta.

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