Trudeau Announces Provincial Vaccine Passports as a Temporary Measure for International Travel.

    On Friday, Justin Trudeau announced that a re-elected Liberal government would push for the use of provincial vaccine passports for international travel up till its federal counterpart is set up.

    Trudeau stressed that it would be working closely with the provinces before a federal version is implemented since access and health information programs are deemed a part of their scope. Trudeau pointed out that to access relevant information to create the said document or certificate, working with the provinces is crucial.

    Many of Canada’s provinces like Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia already instituted a vaccination passport system in their respective regions. However, the Canadian Prime Minister emphasized that the federal version would be used for international travel and accessing non-essential domestic services.

    Trudeau also said that they are aiming to realize the federal version next year or so “but the priority is giving people a solid document.”

    Speaking from a hangar at Canada’s busiest airport last Friday, Trudeau disclosed that a re-elected Liberal administration would provide $1 billion financial assistance to provinces looking to establish their vaccination passports.

    During the same public appearance, the Liberal leader again promoted his plan to make getting a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory to be able to travel on cruise ships, trains, and planes.

    Oddly enough, Trudeau emphasized that while he won’t be forcing individuals to get their shots, the measures his government is taking are restricting the privileges of those who refuse to have their COVID-19 jabs without a valid medical reason.

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