The Majority of September’s COVID-19 Fatalities in the U.K. and Sweden Were Composed of Fully Vaccinated Individuals

    Recent data published by Sweden and the United Kingdom reveals that most individuals who died from COVID-19 in the said countries in September were already fully vaccinated. But, unfortunately, these fatalities were tallied amid the rise of the “breakthrough cases” that the shots couldn’t seem to stave off.

    According to a recent report by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, published by the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, about 70% of the total documented 130 COVID-19 deaths in the country in September already received the complete two shots of the vaccine.

    The rise in fatalities among fully vaccinated individuals in Sweden was attributed to the emergence of the virus’s supposedly much more transmissible Delta strain. However, Farshid Jalalvand, a microbiology researcher, stressed that it might also have been caused by the extended time frame “since the oldest ones were vaccinated” and the easing of restrictions when the vaccine coverage has increased.

    Notably, even though about 75% of the Swedish population above the age of 16 is now fully vaccinated, there is still a surge in COVID-19 test-positive cases across the country. Furthermore, national data disclose that most of the infected individuals are Swedish senior care residents. Thus, despite Sweden’s aggressive vaccination campaign, cases have still risen since February this year.

    The U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) recently published a report divulging that between September 6 and October 3, 80% of the 3,422 COVID-19 fatalities were among individuals who already received their double jabs of the vaccine. One hundred-one deaths were also recorded among persons who only got their first shot.

    What’s interesting about this situation is that the U.K. and Sweden have nearly identical vaccination rates. Yet, those who have been given the two full shots are the ones who seem to be vulnerable to the more fatal effects of COVID-19.

    Moreover, a similar case is observed in Maryland in the United States, where 40% of the people who died from severe complications were also fully vaccinated. In a recent televised interview, Dr. Robert Redfield, former CDC director and senior adviser to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, even admitted this fact.

    The bottom line of all of this is given the patent inefficiency of the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent transmission—not to mention the long list of adverse and potentially fatal side effects that they can potentially instigate—why are governments still pushing for their administration until now?

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