Pregnant Women and Young Children in the Dominican Republic Forced to Get COVID-19 Vaccine to Access Public Places

    A doctor based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, revealed that the Caribbean nation recently enacted a law implementing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that has a sinister effect. The said mandate forces pregnant women and young children to be injected with the experimental shots or be barred from entering essential public places.

    According to the whistleblower who wants to remain anonymous, the Public Health Department of the Dominican Republic issued a decree that required persons over 12 years of age to start presenting a “vaccination card.” Or else they won’t be able to go to work, go to groceries and shops, and use public transportation. The said decree requiring the use of the vaccination card took effect on October 18.

    The doctor divulged that it’s either the citizens will allow themselves to be injected with the experimental shots or “face being turned out on the street without food, employment or transportation.” The medical professional described the mandate as “draconian” and “cruel.” Since Monday, he explained that the vaccination card has already been utilized by several public venues like banks, public establishments, and stores.

    The whistleblower even added that it’s already being used for admittance in accessing coaches, city buses, and the subway. Since most Dominicans cannot afford a car, citizens are forced to comply with the mandate to get from one place to another.

    While the situation is looking pretty grim already, the medical professional is most worried about the plight of pregnant women who will submit themselves involuntarily to the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Given the still-rising number of reports of miscarriages, stillbirth, and other concerning complications resulting from the shot, the medical professional shared that it won’t be surprising if there are several cases of health problems concerning pregnant women in the Caribbean nation in the coming days.

    Notably, former VP at Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, disclosed that the said injection is an “abortion shot” for a pregnant woman in her first trimester. Echoing Yeadon’s warning, mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone emphasized that child-bearing-age and pregnant women administered with the jabs could face “serious health hazards.” The vaccine produced by Pfizer was even reported to contain questionable ingredients, such as tissue derived from aborted human fetuses, including a “glowing chemical.”

    The whistleblower doctor compared the situation to a dictatorship, but of a more alarming level. “You had to show papers, or you couldn’t travel in between cities,” he pointed out. “It seems like a real-life ‘Mark of the Beast’ scenario out of the Book of Revelation.”

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