Expert Suggests Ontario Should Reinstate Some COVID-19 Capacity Limits with the Continued Rise of Test-Positive Cases

    With the still-rising number of COVID-19 test-positive cases tallied across Ontario, the head of the province’s Science Advisory Table recently proposed that some restrictions be put back in place to prevent the upward trend from worsening.

    According to Dr. Peter Juni during his Newstalk 580 interview on Tuesday, there is a need to reinstate some capacity limits because there is a clear showing that Ontario is going through an increase in infected individuals. “What we’re seeing now is a result of lifting capacity limits and the temperature drop,” he stressed. “Therefore, we’re now having exponential growth in the province.”

    Moreover, Ontario’s Science Advisory Table head related that besides personally seeing many people doing away with masks at sporting events, he has also heard that several business establishments in the region disregard the checking of vaccine certificates. The expert also said that the “second honeymoon is over.”

    Juni pointed out that the lifting of capacity limits was intended to be an “experiment” and not as a sign that the pandemic is already coming to a close. “We can’t let it linger, and we can’t pretend the pandemic is over,” he explained.

    However, the Science Advisory Table head shared that while things may have veered away from the right track, they are still not out of control.

    Juni emphasized that to avert the possibility of documenting even more test-positive COVID-19 cases in the following days, he shared that the Science Table will recommend that capacity limits be reinstated and enhanced. “If you do a little of the right thing, you will continue to go back to the right track,” he added.

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