Airbnb Sets New Guidelines in Place to Prevent New Year’s Eve Parties

    To dissuade potential partygoers from hosting New Year’s Eve parties as the whole world welcomes 2022 in the next few weeks, vacation rental company Airbnb is putting up new guidelines for its patrons not just across Canada but also in other parts of the globe.

    According to a statement released on Airbnb’s website on Tuesday, the global party ban introduced last year will still be observed for guests attempting to book New Year’s Eve reservations. These guidelines are to be implemented in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the United States, including Puerto Rico.

    One of the most notable guidelines recently issued by the vacation rental company is the automatic denial of bookings for renters who have a history of negative reviews. In addition, Airbnb will also turn down bookings for two nights straight through the New Year and those made at the last minute.

    Airbnb pointed out that these straightforward guidelines helped them stave off approximately 13,000 parties the world over. Apart from keeping potentially disruptive gatherings in check, the vacation rental company also emphasized that having these guidelines can also help them spot problematic renters at the same time.

    The company highlighted that it is continuously “exploring other opportunities around the globe to introduce this type of initiative, in addition to continued investment in our other robust party prevention systems.” Moreover, Airbnb reported that it has implemented identical “policy and product adaptations in the US and Canada over July 4 and Halloween 2021, with similar success.”

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